Post GEOPAL 50

Row post with internal slots.

Geopal 50 is an innovative ribbed pale specially designed far medium- and low-height vineyards. Thanks to its geometrica! accuracy Geopal 50 boasts excellent resistance even on a limited development and is suitable far all types of ground.
H-punched slots are the best solution far holding tension wires also in sloping areas. Geopal 50 can be customized with slot sequences alternating or in parallel. This profile has been designed to safeguard harvesting machine when operating.
Excellent quality-resistance-price ratio. Perfect ground settling. Excellent elasticity and torsion. Vinesrow stability. Ease of installation and ongoing maintenance.


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Geopal 50
Geopal 50 data
Geopal 50 draw

End Post Pro T60.

The end post T60 is designed for both Guyot and Curtain vine-training systems with large grape production. The mechanical properties of the steel used ensure an above average resistance to loads and stresses. The technical section of the T60 end post and the disposition of the lateral and front holes allow it to be set up with a wide range of tensioning wires, anchors and accessories. Its linear profile is suitable for agricultural machinery in the manoeuvring phase at the end of the grapevine rows.


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 Palo Pro T60
T60 EN

Row Post with internal slots.

The Geopal 55 post is the optimal solution for installations of vineyards engineered to carry out mechanized operations and to simplify the utilization of mobile wires. The slots are perfectly aligned with the profile of the post.
The H-shape of the slots is the solution that guarantees the firmness of the wires, while the V-shaped slots are designed to facilitate and speed up the wire-lifting process.
The accuracy of the post's design makes it highly structured and resistant to high stresses coming from both intensive mechanization and adverse climate conditions.
Geopal 55
Geopal 55

Row Post with internal slots.

The V65AS post is designed for vine-training systems with intensive production, elevated loads of grapes and vigorous vegetation. The structure of the V65AS post meets the requests coming from the cultivation techniques of vineyards subjected to high levels of mechanization as well as to cultivating practices with wires liftings. The slots are punched in line to the post profile. The H-shaped slot ensures the stability even in sloping terrain. The V-shaped slot facilitates the lifting of the movable wires.


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Geopal 65 en

Intermediate Post V70CS.

V70CS post is designed for single curtain training systems. It consists of a single wire supported on the upper end of the post, which must bear the whole load of the branches with fruit. V70CS posts are therefore able to withstand heavy mechanical loads and stresses. This new slot also allows quick and easy insertion of the wire and a support base for 5mm wires which avoids the cutting effect of the sheet metal.
V70CS insieme
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