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The best support stems from experience


The best support stems from experience.

Our experience, gained over 50 years, aims to produce steel posts for innovative vineyards and to provide a wide range of wires and relative accessories.

Viticulture is an extremely old activity, and it has evolved over the years to optimize production, produce fruits of excellent quality and develop sustainable and eco-friendly models.

… It is an activity that requires great passion, competence, and know-how. We know that well.

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Reliability in improving together.


We supply poles, wires, and accessories to create your high-quality vineyard.



Only with transparency in our work can we achieve ambitious results, in which individuals are loyal to the team, and we know that even a mistake can be the spark for a change


Which we constantly measure on the basis of the trust we receive from our internal and external collaborators, cultivating an approach of humility


We believe that functions are united by a continuous flow, constantly nourished by sincere communication, where roles and decision-making methods are clear and shared


We are convinced that every day there can be something new to discover, and that only if one is able to deepen and constantly update their knowledge, can one grow in one’s art, made of care and attention to detail.


The result is proportionate not only to the effort one puts in to achieve a goal, but to the energy that the whole team invests with passion every day

Sense of duty

We develop a strong sense of accountability, where our priority is to carry out commitments, aware of the impact that our actions have on others

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A long experience behind us, a great mission.

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A wide range of steel vineyard posts, wires and complementary accessories.

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